Tweed Run 2013

A Superb Fifth Anniversary of the Tweed Run

A big thank you to the Marshals who kept us all on the strait and narrow

and a Hurrah to Jacqui and Ted

Hip Hip Hooray!

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Tweed Run 2012

A splendid time was had by all with a mouth watering array of vintage steeds such as Hetchins, Pashleys, etc and a splendid Flying Gate!

and there was more Tweed than the Isle of Harris!

Cup Cakes and Tea Galore what more could an Englishman want!


The Tea Team

What a Splendid Flag!

A well deserved rest!

I say do you have any “Rough Old Shag” ?

The Most Splendid Chaps at “Vintage News”

Anyone for Tyrrells?

How all the Press should be dressed!

Jacqui in her finest Tweed

Enjoying a Cuppa!

A Splendid Scene of Tea and Tweed!

And the Wonderful String Quartet!

The Beautiful “Flying Gate”

To Home via the Train!

Tired Feet, But Happy Feet!

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How it should be done!

Evelyn Hamilton, women’s professional cycling champion gives cycling tips – covering fashion and safety.
Various shots of Evelyn cycling down road on racing bike. She wears natty beret and plus fours trousers – her winter cycling outfit!

Wet weather poncho and sou’wester also in her summer outfit – baggy shorts and tee-shirt.

Evelyn demonstrating bad cycling habits – overtaking in the inside, swerving in front of traffic without signalling, clinging onto back of trucks to get free ride, not giving way at junctions and cycling without holding onto handlebars.


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I say just the job for a quick whizz around the countryside!


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