Tweed Run 2013

A Superb Fifth Anniversary of the Tweed Run

A big thank you to the Marshals who kept us all on the strait and narrow

and a Hurrah to Jacqui and Ted

Hip Hip Hooray!

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Cities fit for Cycling

Please take time to look at the survey below

Dear Reader

A year ago, a journalist at The Times was very seriously injured while cycling to work. Mary Bowers, a much loved and hugely talented reporter, survived the accident but is only minimally conscious and is still recovering in hospital.

We make no apology for having begun a campaign on such a personal basis, only an apology for not having begun one earlier. Since Mary’s accident, more than 100 cyclists have died on Britain’s roads.

Today, a cross-party Parliamentary inquiry will open to investigate ways of encouraging more people to cycle.

The panel of ten MPs has agreed to incorporate your views into this study. We ask you, our 36,000 pledged supporters, to complete a short questionnaire for use in the inquiry. You can do so here:

In four weeks, we will pass on your responses to the Parliamentary team as it calls for written submissions of evidence. The panel’s report, which will be published in early 2013, should promote cycling as a safe, viable means of transport.

The Times Cities fit for Cycling campaign is not just committed to seeing meaningful improvements in cycle safety but the transformation of the urban environment so that people can cycle happily, healthily and safely in Britain’s cities.

Thank you once again for your continued support.

James Harding
Editor of The Times

Our campaign wins major transport award

Better road design is key, says Transport Secretary

Ask a friend to support our campaign

Our guide to the best cycle rides in the country

You received this email because you opted to hear from Times Newspapers Ltd. To unsubscribe from this service please click here.

If you wish to speak to a Customer Services representative please call 020 7711 1522. To see our privacy policy, click here.

You have received this e-mail from a member of the News International group. News International Limited, 3 Thomas More Square, London, E98 1XY, is the holding company for the News International group and is registered in England No 81701. VAT number GB 243 8054 69.

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My Birthday Bash!

What a splendid weekend!

I was whisked off to London Town to see “The 39 Steps” at the wonderfully intimate Criterion Theatre then for Superb meal at Langan’s Brasserie after much stuffing and guzzling I was bundled into a taxi to Grand Hotel and a smooth bottle of Malbec and several Brandy’s later I was tucked up in bed and apparently was soon snoring loud enough to move furniture! Allegedly!

What a totally spiffing Wife I have truly one in a million!

Dress Circle at The Criterion

Langan’s Brasserie

Our Splendid Waiter

A Pleasant Cut of Lamb

The Superb Mrs Tweed

A Rather Drunken Person!

Sporting a new purchase!

The One and Only!

The Sherlock Holmes

“Diagon Alley” ?

The famous Benjamin Pollock’s Toy Shop

The Splendid Segar and Snuff Parlour

Please click on the links below for further information on the Criterion Theatre, The 39 Steps and Langan’s Brasserie

Criterion Theatre

The 39 Steps

Langan’s Brasserie

Tweed Run 2012

A splendid time was had by all with a mouth watering array of vintage steeds such as Hetchins, Pashleys, etc and a splendid Flying Gate!

and there was more Tweed than the Isle of Harris!

Cup Cakes and Tea Galore what more could an Englishman want!


The Tea Team

What a Splendid Flag!

A well deserved rest!

I say do you have any “Rough Old Shag” ?

The Most Splendid Chaps at “Vintage News”

Anyone for Tyrrells?

How all the Press should be dressed!

Jacqui in her finest Tweed

Enjoying a Cuppa!

A Splendid Scene of Tea and Tweed!

And the Wonderful String Quartet!

The Beautiful “Flying Gate”

To Home via the Train!

Tired Feet, But Happy Feet!

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The Golden Afternoon Tea Company

The Splendid Golden Afternoon Tea Company

Covering London and the South East, the Golden Afternoon Tea Company was born out of a love of beautiful vintage teacups, perfectly scrumptious cakes and fresh from the garden flowers.

We can provide a full catering service from the traditional afternoon tea of finger sandwiches, scones and homemade cakes to retro parties with fondant fancies and jammy dodgers. All served on charming vintage china and cakestands from our huge collection. We can style your party with flowers, bunting and hundreds of decorative ideas to transport you to a magical world.

A delicious treat for weddings and celebrations, hen parties, bridal showers, birthday parties for young or old. Or just because tea tastes better in a china tea cup!

From silver teaspoons to sweetpeas in jamjars, strawberry shortcake and lavender cupcakes,embroidered tablecloths and teapots galore, the Golden Afternoon Tea Company has everything you could possibly need for the most perfect tea party this side of Alice’s Wonderland.

Please email The Golden Afternoon Tea Company or ring 07956 614007 for more in

The Golden Afternoon Tea Company.


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Chaps to Stage Protest | The Chap

Chaps to Stage Radical Protest

on Savile Row


In a return to the heady days of Civilise the City and the notorious Tate Modern art protest, the Chap is to take to the streets once again and stand up for what we believe in.

On Monday, 23rd April 2012 (St George’s Day) several hundred immaculately dressed Chaps and Chapettes will gather outside number 3, Savile Row, to protest in the strongest possible terms against the opening of a children’s clothes shop there by Abercrombie & Fitch.

The Chap feels that this city is already overwhelmed with American-style chain stores selling overpriced T-shirts and hooded sporting garments for those who rarely do any sport. Savile Row has been the home of gentlemen’s bespoke tailoring for over 200 years, and the opening of this store would signal the end of this one little street being allowed to devote itself to a single trade.

Whatever next – opening a branch of Superdrug on Harley Street? An Argos on Hatton Garden? Abercrombie & Fitch is the worst thing that could happen to Savile Row. Their store on Burlington Gardens already has a detrimental effect on the Row, with enormous queues of Continental teenagers cluttering up the pavements and making far too much noise, in their excitement to get their hands on a T-shirt bearing the slogan “Who needs a brain when you’ve got these?” aimed at pubescent girls.

Our protest will be peaceful but firm. At 9am we will meet outside Number 3, Savile Row, from whence we will proceed, maintaining immaculate trouser creases and sharply angled trilbies, to the current Abercrombie & Fitch store on Burlington Gardens at 10am. We will then deliver to the semi-nude doormen a mass rendition of our version of the John Lennon song, “Give Three-Piece a Chance” until 11am. Then it will be time for the first Martini of the day somewhere nearby, unless we have all been arrested, in which case it will be lukewarm tea in chokey.

Anyone is welcome to join us, as long as they dress properly (brown in town is allowed, just this once).

All we are saying is, Give Three-Piece a Chance!

Chaps to Stage Radical Protest on Savile Row | The Chap.

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Anjou Vélo Vintage…….C’est bon!

For those of Us that were most unfourtunate in missing out on the fabulous Tweed Run this year then this might be of interest!….Ce la Vie….Vive le Velo!

For more wonderful info click here   Anjou Vélo Vintage.

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Ripping Yarn Hopathon to be Restaged!

Ripping Yarns Hopathon to be Restaged


The writers and stars of the cult television programme Ripping Yarns are to stage a gigantic, public hopathon in London on Saturday 3rd March. To mark the DVD release of “Ripping Yarns The Complete Series”, and as an homage to the episode entitled Tomkinson’s School Days, members of the public are sought to try and set new World Records for the largest group 400-metre hop and the 400-metre relay hop. This free event will take place at the Hampstead Heath Athletics Track, which chaps and chapettes will recall as the scene of a very early Chap Olympiad.

Both Michael Palin and Terry Jones will be in attendance to judge the hopathon and present prizes to the overall winners, who will each receive £500 to donate to the charity of their choice. The Ripping Yarns Hopathon is inspired by the first episode of the series, Tomkinson’s School Days, set in Graybridge School, whose motto was: “Only in true misery can you find true contentment”. Among the disciplines inflicted on pupils at Graybridge was a 30-mile Hop, as well as a grizzly bear fight and the St. Tagder’s Day ceremony, in which students were nailed to the school walls.

To break The Guinness World Records™, the organisers require at least 250 people to participate in the largest group hop, and a time of seven minutes needs to be set in order to achieve the fastest 400-metre hop. Participants must be over 18 years of age and in sound physical health (though not necessarily sound of mind).

Full details about registration are available at

Ripping Yarns The Complete Series is release by Network DVD.

From that Splendid Editorial The Chap!

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