Jingle Bells Jingle Bells!……

If you are looking for Xmas presents for a ardent fan of the Bicycle then look no further!

The splendid chaps at Whitstable T-Shirt Company can provide a many varied collection of T-Shirts, Bags, Hoodies and Accessories for your cycling pleasure!

Quick there is only Two weeks till Santa gets stuck in your Chimney (and eats all your mince pies and drinks your best single malt!)



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I say just the job for a quick whizz around the countryside!


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A new Forum for Cyclist in Shepway……

Please take time to take a gander at these splendid chaps at Cycle Shepway..

It is a new organization to improve and develop cycling in Shepway

To ride a bicycle is to have wings

Cycle Shepway members with Damian Collins MP

But in Shepway our wings are a little clipped. Our cycle infrastructure is largely non-existent. Where we do have cycle lanes and cycle paths, they are often sub-standard.

Cycle Shepway campaigns to put that right. We’re neither a sports club nor a technical forum. What we are is a pressure group. And we need your support.

So welcome to Cycle Shepway. Join the campaign. Explore the website. Contribute your views and ideas. We have a mountain to climb. But take heart – cyclists have conquered Kilimanjaro!

For More Info please click here

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